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About Us

Established in Vinton Louisiana in 1983

God has guided Dr. Larry Findley Sr. in the creation of Delta Equine Center in 1983, in its humble beginnings to the amazing establishment that now exists today, serving over 6,000 clients throughout the country.

Team Delta has been blessed with an amazing staff that has truely set us apart from all other veterinary hospitals. We are very thankful of the continued commitment and dedication from our staff in an effort to service our clients to the highest quality possible.

While Dr. Larry Findley Sr. was working under the wing of Mr. Lee Young taking the advice to become of doctor of veterinary medicine

Delta Equine Center through the direction and leadership of Dr. Larry Findley Sr., has risen from the devastation of Hurricane Rita to our brand new flag ship facility in southwest Louisiana. We have constructed a state of the art veterinary facility.

Surgery Pioneer

Dr. Larry Findley Sr. for over 30 years has pushed to stay on the cutting edge of surgical advancements throught the contry. This has provided a top line animal care that is to be expected from universities.

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