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Delta Equine Center provides a premier class quality breeding operation. 




Clients experience a turn key equine breeding program for their mares. We are located in Southwest Louisiana. Our reproduction program has recently upgraded the lab to meet SBS "Select Breeders Service" specifications, giving us the highest breeding quality.

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Delta Equine Center Reproduction has over 35,000 square feet of covered stalls and working facility to provide a first class service in Equine Reproduction. This includes all facets of the Equine Reproduction Industry.  

Our Services Include:


  1. Stallion Collections & Training

  2. Mare Palpations

  3. A.I., Artificial Insemination

  4. Embryo Flushing, Vitrification (Freeze Embryo), & Transfers

  5. Shipment of Cooled & Frozen Semen

  6. Equine Semen Freezing

  7. Mare & Stallion Fertility Evaluations


DEC also has the HyperBaric Oxygen Chamber located at our Repro Center. This technology has been used for years in human medicine and we now have it for treatment of horses for many ailments as sick foal, lung problems, cuts and lesions, infected joints, and post op surgery to name a few.

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